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Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

Spring Plant and Garden Decor Sale

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January 2022 Burnham Nature Corridor
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November 2021 Brockman 9
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2023 Vol Party 6
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2023 Nov Julia Bachrach
2023 Sept Meeting
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2023 April Pollinators 2
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Monarch Butterfly
West Ridge Nature Preserve
Chicago River Restoration
Lunch at Kulla Garden
Garden Walk
Proven Winners
Plant Sale
Openlands Excursion
Saving Seeds



January - Pollination of Sunflowers (via Zoom) by Karen Taira, Family and Adult Program Coordinator at Emily Oaks Nature Center.


February - Everything You Want To Know About Solar Power But Didn't Know Who to Ask (via Zoom) by Solar Programs Administrator, Marina Minic, for the Citizens Utility Board, CUB. 


March - The Chicago High School for agricultural sciences Program Overview (via Zoom) by school principal, William Hook.

March - A Visit to the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
for their Flower and Garden Show put on by the students and faculty.


April - Pollinators by Steve Gustafson, Local native plant nursery owner and Pollinator Photographer.


May - Annual Plant Sale at Warren Park.

May - A Spring Visit to Emily Oaks Park in Skokie led by Adult Program Coordinator, Karen Taira. 

May - Warren Park Staff Luncheon honoring NGS volunteers


June - Growing Vegetables in Pots by John, the Vegetable Section Manager at Gethsemane Garden Center


July - Houseplant swap at Warren Park

July and August - Member Garden Parties


September - Jens Jensen: Bringing the Beauty of the Prairie to Public Parks by Paula Kosin, 


October - Don't Squash that Bug! by Jim Rowen, nature photographer and insect expert


November - History of the Chicago Park District and Daniel Burnham by Julia Bachrach, Author and Chicago Park Distric Historian (Ret).


December - Holiday Party




January - Recycling, via Zoom, Michael Orr, Recycling Director, Cambridge, MA

February - Treekeepers: via Zoom, Al DeRue, Program manager

March -  Loyola Dunes Beach Restoration, via Zoom, Ann Whelan, Dunes habitat Steward

April - Season's of Change on Henry's Farm, via Zoom, Film and Discussion, Ines Sommer, Producer

May - Chicagoland Invasives, via Zoom, Sue Groshong 

        - Member Plant Exchange

        - Memorial for nancy Seyfried

June - Growing Irises, via Zoom, Diane Ahshakov

        - Tour of Loyola Dunes Project

July - Visit to Elmhurst Garden Faire

August - Houseplants and Tropicals, Joshua Kaiser, City Grange

            - Summer Picnic at Warren Park

September - Afternoon Social In Chris Harvey's Garden

                 - Fall Plant Exchange

October - Conifers 101, via Zoom, Bob Hemes,Jr., groundskeeper, Lange Estate, Ohio

November - The Season's on Henry's Farm, via Zoom,  Tara Brockman, Author

December - Holiday Get-together via Zoom







January - Routes and Routes Program via Zoom, Jacob Campbell, PhD,  Environmental Anthropologist with the Keller Science Action Center at the Chicago Field Museum


February - Gardens to Heal via Zoom,  Margot Wang, Ikebanist


March - Bat Ecology via Zoom, Dr. Joy O'Keefe,  Assistant Professor and Wildlife Extension Specialist at University of Illinois, Urbana


April - Ikebana Spring, Margot Wang of the Ohara School of Ikebana

         - Chicago Park District Volunteer Celebration

May - Plant Sale

       - Dedicationof the Friendship Garden at Warren Park

       - Ikebana Slide Show by Ginny Davis


June - Hydrangeas, Anne McIntee, Chicago Landscaper

July - Garden Party at Eva's      

       - Garden Walk at gardens south of Pratt in West Ridge

August - A Visit to West Ridge Nature Park

September - Greenhouses, Golf and Gardens: the Story of Warren Park and West Ridge, Dona Vitale, member of the Board of Directors and Outreach Chair for Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society


October - The Wild Mile, Phil Nicodemus, Urban River Project

             - A Tour of Emily Oaks Park in Skokie


November - Chicago Park District Plantings, Bogdan Bogdan, CPD Horticulturist


December - Holiday Party




February - Pie Patch Farm Presentation by Brianna Heath


March - Organic gardening by Jeanne Nolan


April - Natural Dyes and Weaving by Pamela Feldman


May - Raising City Chickens by Wen Yi Stark; Collecting and Growing from Seeds by John Swenson; Annual Plant Sale


June- Low Maintenance Gardening by Ann McIntee; A Visit to Pie Patch Farm


July - Sketching in Eva's Garden with NGS member, Nancy Wieting


August - West Ridge Nature Center Presentation by Gary Morrisey;  Visit to the Back of the Yards Neighborhood: Lunch at Roland Kulla's Studio and The Plant


September - NGS 35th Birthday Party


October - Openlands Presentation and Plant/Seed Exchange


November - Native Plants for Shade Gardens by Charlotte Adelman and Monica Buckley


December - Annual Holiday Party




January - Volunteer Recognition Dinner


February - The Gardens of Bethany & Veggie Talk with NGS Members, Dorothy Bird and Ruth Melulis


March - Plant Considerations for the Landscape with Kim Kaulas


April - More Butterflies with Doug Taron


May - Growing Orchids with George Titterson; Annual Plant sale


June- Medical Cannabis with Abigail Watkins and Arthur lee


July - Butterfly Observation at Ginsberg markham prairie with Tony Marisko; Garden Conservancy Open Days Visits to Gardens of the North Shore


August - NGS Picnic in the Park; A Visit to the Prospect heights Slough


September - Svabord Global Seed Vault; Music of Nature with Eva Mannaberg and the rebecca Boelzmer String Quartet; Tour of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum with Doug Taron


October - The Great Lakes Piping Plover Story with Matt Iglesias


November - Putting Your garden to Bed with Ann McIntee


December - Annual Holiday Party




January - Volunteer Dinner

February - Daffodils: The Stars of the Spring garden with Sue groshong

March to August - No activities or programs due to Covid-19

September - Fall Picnic

October - Member Plant Exchange

November - Birds of Illinois via Zoom with Matt Igleski

December - Urban Wildlife via Zoom with Liza Lehrer






February - gardening panel featuring NGS members Gorden Stromberg, Ruth Melulis and Ginny Davis


March - Travels in the Pantanel with Patricia Weiner


April - Prospect Heights Slough Restoration


May - Proven Winners with Sandra Wentworth and Spring Plant Sale


June- A Visit to the Prospect Heights Slough


July - West Ridge Garden Walk and  Visit to The Openlands Lake Shore Preserve


August - Visit to the Back of the Yards Neighborhood: Lunch at Roland Kulla's Studio and The Plant


September - Saving Seeds with Julie Peterson


October - Chicago River restoration with Lauren Umek


November - The Monarch and its Migration with Doug Taron


December - Annual Holiday Party 



Past Programs and Activities

Throughout the year we plan educational programs, field trips and social events as well as host fund-raising events such as our Plant Sale and Garden Walk. Our fund-raising supports our Community Service projects.

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